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Why are statistics and data important and how can we best use them to Make Renting Fair?

Statistics is what it means to prove something with data. Statistics are a tool to group relevant information and help make sense of it. We use them to identify, analyse and affect ideas and behaviour. Statistics can play an important role in advocacy and campaigning for social change.

Using statistics alongside our knowledge of our own experiences can help strengthen our case, by illustrating the broad scope of the problem and the numbers and data underpinning our stories.

On the Tenants' Union of NSW's Putting Renters on the Map tool, you can navigate to your area of NSW to find your area's Campaign Toolkit. At the end of the Toolkit you will find printable versions of 'State of the Renters' data related to each electorate in your area. The State of the Renters summaries have been created based on data from the 2021 census. Each electorate’s State of the Renters sheet can help provide an overview of current rental housing in your electorate, as well as how things have changed for renters since the previous census in 2016.