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Why are stories important and how can we best use them to Make Renting Fair?

Stories are powerful. A story can make an issue more immediate and engaging for a listener or reader. It can also make a complex or distant issue more accessible and comprehensible by illustrating the human side to facts and figures. Most people find it easier to relate to other people rather than pure statistics or ideas. It can also be an empowering experience for a renter to tell their own story, especially where telling that story helps drive positive change.  

So, how can we make use of stories?

We know as renters that NSW is in a rental crisis. We also know that there are some straightforward changes that should be made to NSW renting law to help alleviate the crisis. What we need is for the decision-makers in NSW Parliament to understand the human impact of our broken renting system, so that they will make these much-needed changes.

As a voter in their electorate, you have a good opportunity to secure a meeting with your local MP to share renting stories from your community. In this meeting you can share your own renting story, or a story from this site. This can help illustrate to your MP the human cost of failure to address the problems renters face.

Renting stories can also be shared with local media. This gets the story in front of members of the public in your local community, to keep the rental crisis in front of mind for members of the public. Other renters in your area may also identify with parts of the renting stories they are seeing shared in the media, and in turn be inclined to get involved in advocacy and campaigning.

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