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We need to Make Renting Fair in NSW

We want renting to be .


All renters can afford to pay their rent and not worry about going without other life essentials. Nobody should have to choose between a roof over their head or food on the table.


All renters can feel stable and secure in their rental home, free from the threat of unfair 'no grounds' eviction.


All renters can live in a healthy home that meets their accessibility needs. Everyone needs a safe and healthy home they can live and move about in without barriers.


All renters can make simple choices - like whether or not they can have pets - to make their houses feel like homes.
Everyone deserves a home that is affordable, secure, safe, and feels like home.

More than 1 in 3 households rent their homes in NSW.

The renting system in NSW is broken.
The system does not meet our needs. For far too long For too long, the people in charge have made decisions that are not fair for renters. We think this can and should change.
Renting doesn’t have to be this way.
There are a number of easy and effective changes the NSW Government could implement today to help ensure affordable, stable and secure, safe and healthy homes that really 'feel like home'.
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Share your story.


Have you experienced an unfair eviction? Have you had to go without essentials just to afford rent? Do you hold back from asking for repairs or feel constantly that your tenancy is at risk? Your story can help improve renting.


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